Banksia Apartment Building

Private Houses
Merrazzo White

From the bedrooms to the bathrooms and the outdoor spaces, you can find RMC products.Each bathroom gets the marble that best compliments its space. From Branco Estremoz for an open, light, bathroom with a big quantity of natural light and large windows, to Merrazzo Black for some smaller and windowless bathrooms giving them a darker but, by no means, less elegant environment.The kitchen floors have a light and clean look, with Branco Estremoz and Merrazzo White.The outdoor spaces enjoy a mash-up of our products in a variety of uses, from Merrazzo White on the floor around the rooftop pool, to the barbecue grill made with Merrazzo Black.This beautiful high-end building could have no other product to suit its exigent demands and we are very proud to have our engineered marble displayed in such an elegant way.If you ever find yourself in Melbourne, Australia be sure to visit this sky-high masterpiece.

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