Cantinho do Avillez

Lisbon, Portugal
Bars & Restaurants
Merrazzo Africa

This restaurant, located in the heart of Cascais, is a hidden gem. In this sophisticated restaurant we can see how the correct color combination can have such an impact on a space and how it can completely revolutionize a room. Our Merrazzo Africa was used throughout the restaurant - for floorings, countertops, vanity tops and stairs without being overwhelming. The selection of texture, furniture and wall colors combined with our product creates a warm and welcoming environment.It is simply another case where a customer chose to bet on quality and considered the long-term benefits of having a product that, can be re-polished at any time almost giving it a refreshed look. If you are ever in Cascais, be sure to check out “Cantinho do Avillez” and you will certainly enjoy the good food and the cozy environment.

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