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In the complexity of designs, each aspect has to be carefully considered to take its place on the imaginative canvas of the architects’ portrait. With a major focus on hospitality projects, our partners at Grey Matters chose our Merrazo collection for this unique project.As the name suggests, Grey falls in between two extremes, giving a balanced outcome that has more than the eye meets. In this high traffic project, our material was fused in the design giving a firm contrast with all other elements.When you step into Five Spice, you will instantly notice its fresh, vibrant atmosphere and light timber scattered around, creating a contemporary interpretation of traditional dining spaces. Complementing the theme, is the use of our Merrazzo Fiorde floor tiles and Merrazzo Algarve counter tops with rich colors that are layered into the dynamic space, alongside modern art pieces, murals, and vertical gardens to tell the story of modern-day Singapore.Five Spice at Jewel is a new market dining concept situated at Changi Airport, which is modelled after the local hawker scene. As the gateway to Singapore’s diverse food scene for travelers and locals alike, individually designed stalls are set up to encapsulate the flavors of local and neighboring cuisines within Southeast Asia. - Five SpiceThe confidence of its durability in such projects makes RMC products a key player and a reliable choice, that ensures a long lasting peace of mind.Whenever you find yourself in the Changi Airport don't miss the chance to dive into the diverse culture of food of Five Spice.

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