Novotel Kochi Infopark

Branco Nevada

With the purity of white, this charming hotel meets all its clients in a relaxing, calm and elegant atmosphere, reflecting the hospitable environment this property represents.When you enter the lobby, you will instantly find RMC Artico furnishing the floors and creating a radiant white base. With the contrast of furniture colors, the hotel has an ensured uniqueness to its most busy and visible area. Then, you move into the restaurant, and the real contrast appears, when the Artico meets the Merrazzo Black, creating lines of pure beauty on the floors. And finally, you can end your journey at the bar, where you’ll only find Merrazzo Black lining the floors. And just like the common areas, the other areas also have a touch of beauty with our elegant and warm RMC Cancun filling the bathrooms.The high quality fabrication of RMC products, along with the craftsmanship of a professional installation team, makes it possible to have a monolithic view of the tiles as if the whole space is one piece.Whether on business or pleasure, visiting this hotel will surely uplift your mood just by walking into it!

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