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Merrazzo Algarve

It has been for a while now that architects, designers and marble lovers in general have been waiting for something new, something cheaper, better looking and even better quality than ordinary marble. That's where our company comes in.Understanding these needs and being able to please the market were, not only the reasons we developed these products but are also the reason we keep working harder and harder every day and every year.Our desire for innovation and beauty is what motivated the creation of the Merrazzo Collection . The colors, the patterns and the overall imagination that took place in creating these products have jumped them into our sales frontrunners.In this project of a hair dresser salon in Spain we can see the effect that mere stone can have in an open space.Displayed are our products Merrazzo White in the floors and some vertical cladding and the Merrazzo Africa in the shelves and tables.The Merrazzo White represents a more sober and subtle approach with the white on white pattern while the Merrazzo Africa is a bolder and warmer option, in our Merrazzo Collection, with its creamy base decorated with yellowish and redish stones.

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