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Genesis Carrara

Every single project is of the utmost importance to us, giving all of our attention and dedication to each of them to deliver it according to our customers’ wishes – be it from an airport project or a simple and beautiful bathroom, we aim to provide the best care to our clients so the end results look perfect.This time the chosen product was one of the classics in the Industry: Carrara. Known for its intemporal look, RMC decided to take on the challenge to create its own version of Carrara. Our final product named after the original was introduced in our Genesis collection. It ended up looking just as gorgeous, not losing any of its unmistakable look - white base decorated with subtle dark veins. This product has the sensational ability to transform any space into a perceived larger one and, at the same time, to create an absolutely elegant environment. In this project, RMC Carrara paired with strategic lighting and simple decor made the rooms look premium and sophisticated. The other product used was, the amazing, RMC Madeira, for the fireplace.If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with support anywhere in the world.

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