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Tumba Shopping Mall

Tumba, Sweden
Genesis Carrara

RMC is a synonym of durability. With hundreds of people visiting this shopping mall in Tumba Sweden, long lasting material becomes the main concern. Our Genesis Carrara and Preto Angola, both make up this durable, long lasting floor built to perfection, with future maintenance in mind. A floor that can be re-polished at any time without compromising the natural look.


RMC Ć© sinĆ“nimo de durabilidade. Com centenas de pessoas visitando este shopping em Tumba SuĆ©cia, o material de longa duraĆ§Ć£o torna-se a principal preocupaĆ§Ć£o. O nosso Genesis Carrara e Preto Angola, ambos compƵem este piso duradouro, construĆ­do com perfeiĆ§Ć£o, com manutenĆ§Ć£o futura em mente. Um piso que pode ser polido a qualquer momento sem comprometer a aparĆŖncia natural.

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