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Stockholm, Sweden
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Merrazzo Esmeralda

Thought out by the client, developed by us. That’s the story of our Taylor’s collection and, in this particular case, the case of the Merrazzo Esmeralda.Merrazzo Esmeralda (or emerald in English) was created to be a statement piece in a bar located in Stockholm, Sweden. Paired with a well-designed and decorated interior, the countertop made of Merrazzo Esmeralda stands out, providing a great focal point to that particular space.Adding recycled glass and seashells to a stone was another strive in the path of Green Responsibility and Environmental Awareness and another burst of creativity from our R&D department. Like always, moving beyond the stone and into something else. Something new. Something special.If you ever have the chance, be sure to check out this very pleasant bar, viewing, first hand, this special product.

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