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Vanity Clinic

Porto, Portugal

When you see projects involving clinics or medical centres, the colour scheme seems to work in a continuous pattern with the colour white being chosen to set the main mood. The colour white is known for its purity and for instituting calm and serenity, which is very good in the medical business. In this project that pattern isn't broken, however, the architects chose our Palms in order to set it apart. The RMC Palms having a pure white base is complemented with small pieces of seashells creating a unique and distinct environment but with a twist.


Quando se vĂȘ projetos envolvendo clĂ­nicas ou centros mĂ©dicos, o esquema de cores parece funcionar num padrĂŁo contĂ­nuo com a cor branca sendo escolhida para definir o clima principal. A cor branca Ă© conhecida pela sua pureza e por instituir calma e serenidade, o que Ă© muito bom no ramo mĂ©dico. Neste projeto esse padrĂŁo nĂŁo Ă© quebrado, no entanto, os arquitetos escolheram o nosso Palms para separĂĄ-lo. O RMC Palms com uma base branca pura Ă© complementado com pequenos pedaços de conchas criando um ambiente Ășnico e distinto mas com um twist.

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Vanity Clinic

Vanity Clinic